That time again – lights, laughter, stress and gifts, oh and a tree too

Don’t know about you, but I’d like to see white Christmas, with plenty of snow, red berries on hollies, and jingle bells on the radio, sleighs rides and presents under the tree. I guess we all need to feel the excitement of waiting, seeing all the lights, smelling all the good things cooking, and then opening those presents.

And while it would be great to have a real Santa Claus to pick great presents to each and every one, Santa may need a bit of help. For your help, I have put together a list of authors, from all over the world, from Australia to Bulgaria, from Canada to Britain from US to South Africa. Books from mysteries to romance to sci-fi to non-fiction, from fantasy to fiction to thrillers.

Click on the picture to get to the list. And at the end of the list, there’s a treat for you too!