Missing Alibi – Faukon Abbey Mystery #2

Messy marriages, panned authors and Swedish meatballs, this whodunnit keeps you guessing to the end!

If you’re a fan of Morse and Midsomer Murders, then this one is for you.

Was it something she wrote? That’s the question investigators, DI Greene, DC Ford, and their journalist friend Carter are asking, when a popular author of mysteries, romance and erotica is found dead after a party. Were her new stories based on facts rather than fiction? Did the reality based erotic series she had written, make someone angry enough to kill? The lengths people go to keep their secrets secret!

DI Green, DC Ford, and Carter, have to cover two continents to unmask the truth and solve the crimes—the world they find is filled with people better at making up a story than telling the truth. Can anyone be trusted? Together, can they find their way through the tangled web of deceit and corruption to uncover what lies beneath?


Missing Alibi proves a welcome sequel to A. K. Lakelett’s “Remember Me?” … Dense with plot intricacies, thick with atmosphere, and packed with a well-nuanced ensemble of characters it’s hard to be innovative in such a popular genre but as with “Remember Me?”, Lakelett does just that. – Highly recommended by BookViral.”

While the books can be read individually, you’ll get to know the characters better if you start with the first book, “Remember Me?”.  And you can find out more about Faukon Abbey, in here.

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