Good Riddance Project – Occupational Hazard #1

Is having too many shoes and spatulas a reason to get rid of someone?

We all get frustrated sometimes, right? Some people just collect way too many things, and if the person is your partner, things can get testy. Usually, things can be solved with mutual tolerance, a bit of good sense and a lot of humor. I wrote a freestanding novella, “The Good Riddance Project”. It is a mystery caper about a project manager who has lost his patience with shoes, spatulas and his wife. But is having too many shoes really a reason to get rid of someone? I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.


The Good Riddance Project”, explores the tasking effort one man puts into ditching his wife and what happens when the best laid plans do not work out as planned……  It’s under 100 pages and available now on amazon!

5-star reviews on Amazon 

“So funny but true This should be a required book for all management courses. It is a funny way of explaining project management. I loved it. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great short fun story.”

“If you a want a fun, quirky read then this is the book for you. The Good Riddance project is a tongue in cheek novella about project managing his wife’s demise.  I have to say the author did a really good job, and it’s not just an easy read but the style just captures your imagination so you keep reading.  I have never read a book like this and have to say it made me chuckle. There is some very clever, witty writing and I highly recommend it to readers who enjoy cozy mysteries.”