Box set books 1-3

Secrets, intrigue and Suspense in a Small Town

Faukon Abbey Mysteries Box set
Faukon Abbey Mysteries box set

Book 1 – Remember Me?

What happens when your past catches up with you? A chilling mystery that will haunt you long after you finish reading it. A man is found dead with no identification, not even a mobile phone. Who was he? Who saw him dying in Tersel Woods, near a small town of Faukon Abbey in Devon, England?

Book 2 – Missing Alibi

Was it something she wrote? That’s the question investigators, DI Greene, DC Ford, and their journalist friend Carter are asking, when a popular author of mysteries, romance and erotica is found dead after a party. Were her new stories based on facts rather than fiction? Did the erotic series she had written, make someone angry enough to kill? The lengths people go to keep their secrets hidden…

Book 3 – Death of a Well-Travelled Man

When is a death a murder? There’s trouble brewing in the idyllic town of Faukon Abbey. The main employer, Gwedrow Glassworks plans big layoffs and tempers flare. When Marion Rivers, a pillar of the community, is found lifeless in her bathtub, DI Peter Greene gets suspicious. A cyclist disappears, another one is injured. As secrets emerge, yet another chilling death further shatters the peace.

Who is investigating?

Detective Inspector, DI, Peter Greene

Detective Constable, DC, Terrence, Terry Ford

And always running to get the latest scoop, James, Jimmy, Carter, journalist working for The Abbey Chronicle, and hoping to work for The Guardian.

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