Around the world in old and new books in 80 days

Faukon Abbey Chronicle – Summer reading

A trip like this has to start in Cornwall, UK and with the world’s most popular mystery author, Agatha Christie. If you haven’t seen the latest BBC version of her very chilling book, “And then there were none” try to catch the reruns, it’s brilliant (it was on Lifetime TV in the USA).  If not, grab the book from your nearest library or Amazon shelves.

While I’d like to have Hercule Poirot’s little grey cells, I think I’d have a better chance of becoming Miss Marple. I’ve always been fascinated by Agatha Christie due to her skill and talent of plotting. I don’t know about you, but I can read one of her books today, and when I re-read it a year later, I have no clue who did it. She throws so many red herrings on the way and redirects your focus, by the time you finish the book you end up having suspected just about everybody, except the one who actually did it.

Moving up north to Scotland, and Kate Atkinson. Her Jackson Brodie series is very good, and has also been televised with Jason Isaacs. Her book “Life after life” is first a bit frustrating, and it seems weird for lack of a better word, as it starts and restarts. Initially I thought the author was just trying different plot structures to figure out which would work best. But once you get hang of it, it’s very good, often a chilling description about one woman’s life during World War II.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, you may go for John Fowles, “The Magus”. You may remember him as the author of the “French Lieutenants Woman” which was filmed with Meryl Streep in the character role. “The Magus” is a story about a young man who ends up on a Greek island as a teacher. It’s partially a mystery, partially psychology, and a lot about power. I read this book years ago, and I keep re-reading it every now and then. While I do know the plot by now, this book still has a way to get into your mind, make you think. And that my friends, is my definition of a very good book.