Writing mysteries is fun!

Writing mysteries is actually fun, and one gets to talk with a lot of people about strange things. Today I got a call from a service manager with Jaguar Land Rover dealer here. I had left him a message yesterday. And he was just a tad curious about my question – you see I needed to know about a particular part of a Land Rover engine (and I won’t tell you which part as it all will be part of my new book).

He was initially rather concerned about my inquiry since it appeared that I was hell-bent on basically getting his best advice as to how to kill someone! I ensured him that oooh nooo, I wasn’t actually planning to murder anybody, I was a mystery writer. After we cleared that part up, we had a good and as strange as it may sound, we laughed a lot . And he ended up wishing me good look and good fortune with my book so that I can get back to him and buy a Land Rover or even a Jag I wish!