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I’m the author of the Faukon Abbey Mystery series of books. My books, which are traditional detective stories, classic whodunit’s, are set in the small town of Faukon Abbey, near Exeter in Devon, England. Devon is in the center of England’s West country, with wild moorlands, ancient history, and a lot of mysteries.

The first in the series, which is now an international bestseller, is called “Remember Me?”   A traditional detective story, a classic whodunit, written in a bit different format. A puzzling murder turns a small town upside down. A gripping tale uncovers secrets and hidden tragedies after a dead man is found in Tersel Woods. Who was he? And who saw him die?

In the second book, “Missing Alibi“, a successful author of romance, erotica and mysteries is found dead after a party. Messy marriages, panned authors and Swedish meatballs, this whodunnit keeps you guessing to the end!


Death of a Well-Travelled Man, is the third book in the series. Trouble is brewing in Faukon Abbey, and a pillar of community is found dead. Was it an accident or a murder? It is now out as ebook and paperback on Amazon. And it is, just like the two previous books, free to read on Kindle Unlimited. 


You can learn more about Faukon Abbey and locations mentioned in the books in the Faukon Abbey tab, or in the Faukon Abbey Mysteries Companion booklet.


We all get frustrated sometimes, right? Some people just collect way too many things, and if the person is your partner, things can get testy. Most things can be solved with a bit of good sense and a lot of humor. I wrote a freestanding novella, “The Good Riddance Project“. It is a mystery caper about a project manager who has lost his patience with shoes, spatulas and his wife. But is having too many shoes really a reason to get rid of someone? I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it. 


As I read a lot, I occasionally post about books I’ve read and other “newsworthy” items. You can find them in News.

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